What to Consider Before Installing Renewables in your Home?

Installing renewables into your home, in whatever form, is an investment of time, effort and finance. Naturally, you will want to make the correct decisions. 

At Surge Renewables, we consider ourselves first and foremost as energy consultants for our clients across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This means we analyse every home to identify the energy solution most required. 

It isn’t the same for every home, and that includes yours. 

To start this process in your own mind, we’ve collected together some of the most important questions to consider before you chat to our team. 

What are my energy goals? 

Determine your primary objectives, whether it’s reducing energy costs, reducing your carbon footprint, or achieving energy independence. Every household or business is different, so your goals will be unique to you.

What is my budget? 

Establish a realistic budget for your renewable energy project, including installation and any ongoing maintenance costs. Like any renovation or installation project, there are costs involved. If you’re unsure, our team can help guide you as to what’s achievable.

What financial incentives are available? 

There are no guarantees, but national governments and local councils may have support available in the form of grants, loans etc. We work on projects throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Both the Irish and UK governments have launched various support programmes at different times.

How much energy do I consume? 

Analyse your historical energy usage to determine how much renewable energy capacity you need to meet your goals. This can be related to the size of your property, the age of the building, the purpose or use of the building etc.

What is the potential for energy efficiency improvements? 

Consider implementing energy-saving measures in your home before investing in renewable technologies to maximise their impact.

Which renewable technology are you interested in? 

We regularly work with clients interested in a specific type of renewable technology. In many cases that’s exactly what they’ll eventually install, but in some cases are team introduce clients to different options they hadn’t even considered beforehand.

What are the maintenance requirements? 

Understand the maintenance tasks and costs associated with the chosen technology to ensure long-term reliability.

What are the installation requirements and constraints? 

Assess the physical space, structural integrity, and local council zoning regulations that may affect the installation of renewable energy systems. If you’re unsure, our expert team will support you.

Do I need permits or approvals? 

Research the permitting and regulatory requirements in your area for installing renewable energy technologies. Again, if you’re unsure please just let us know and we can advise.

What is the projected return on investment (ROI)? 

People switch to renewable energy sources for a variety of reasons, but the financial impact will always be a consideration for most. Calculate the payback period and long-term savings to ensure the investment aligns with your financial goals.

What environmental impact will the technology have? 

Consider the environmental benefits and potential impacts of your chosen renewable energy system. Renewable energy sources promote a greener, more sustainable environment for the future.

What warranties and guarantees are offered? 

Luckily our team will talk you through all warranty and guarantee arrangements, but it’s always important to consider.

Will the technology affect my property value? 

Nowadays, the majority of renewables technologies will actually improve or increase your property value, but as always it’s important to take all aspects of a new installation into consideration.

What are the long-term energy cost savings and environmental benefits? 

Consider the overall impact of your renewable energy investment over the life of the system. For the vast majority of projects, there will be a net-positive impact. 

Questions You Don’t Need to Ask

Our expert team at Surge Renewables handle the hard stuff. 

This means you don’t need to worry about the practicalities of installation. Our team will walk you through the entire process, making it as streamlined as possible, meaning your home life shouldn’t be impacted more than necessary. 

It also means you don’t need to worry about how to connect new technologies in an old house, how to connect to the grid, and various other realities within our industry. We deal with all of it to ensure you have a smooth transition from one technology to another. 

Interested in Renewables?

If you’re interested in renewables, such as solar panels or heat pump systems, then chat to our team via the contact form here. We work on projects throughout NI and ROI, and will be in touch to discuss your ideas and answer any further questions. 

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