Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps will ensure you enjoy a warm home, save money and reduce your carbon emissions.

The One-Bill Solution

One of the most economical and eco-friendly heating solutions available today. Just one electric bill for the whole dwelling (even further reductions when used in conjunction with solar panels), which includes lighting, appliances, heating and hot water. In a typical household, over half of the fuel bills are spent on heating and hot water. An efficient heating system that you can control easily can help reduce your fuel bills and reduce your carbon emissions.

Harnessing Heat

Surge Renewables supply heat pumps that operate almost silently, they are of a modern design which ensure they are the perfect fit for any home. A heat pump captures heat from outside and moves it into your home. It uses electricity to do this, but the heat energy delivered to your home is much more than the electrical energy used to power the system. Harnesses natural heat energy from the air by blowing it through a highly finned evaporator coil.

The Heat Pump Advantage: Enjoy Constant Comfort at a Lower Cost

A heat pump can keep your home at a constant ambient temperature 24/7 for less cost due to lower flow temperature. Tens of thousands of heat pumps have already been installed across the UK and over 1.5 million were installed across Europe in 2020.

Commercial option

We can install in both domestic and commercial. Commercial focus is often in reducing carbon emissions rather than purely cost savings, and we have various options to suit all sizes of commerical businesses.

Key Benefits of Air Source Heat Pumps

Below the key benefits of having an Air Source Heat Pumps
  • ✔ Can be used for heating and cooling
  • ✔ Save money on energy bills
  • ✔ Low carbon footprint
  • ✔ Easy installation process
  • ✔ Low maintenance
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I have to say the whole process, from initial enquiry, through to installation and follow up, was outstanding. All the information you need to make an informed decision, is shared clearly, thoroughly and promptly.
The installation team, as well as being really efficient, could not have been more courteous and helpful.
All in all, a fantastic service.
We can't recommend Surge Renewables highly enough! They well and truly exceeded our expectations.
Ryan's advice was well thought through and perfect for our needs. We now have 9 solar panels on our roof. Even in the depths of winter the yield is already impressive. We love looking at the app on our phones and seeing our surplus energy being sold back to the grid. We're looking forward to seeing our next electric bill!
The very efficient installation team also deserve a mention. They even installed the app on my phone for me and talked me through all the detail. They couldn't have been more helpful.
All in all, we are really pleased with our Surge Renewables solar panels and highly recommend the products and the customer service during and after the installation.
Excellent service provided by Surge Renewables. Quickly and efficiently installed and working well. Support just a phone call away etc.
Very pleased with the Solar Panels and Battery Storage
Great service from the first visit by the rep Ryan, through to installation and follow up including, paperwork, certificates, and registrations required. I genuinely cannot recommend this company highly enough. Thank you everyone in Surge for all you did for us. Gerry and Barbara. 9pm
Simple process, honest info provided, great communication and install completed by a very knowledgeable and professional team. Registration set up and export running within a matter of weeks rather than months. Still available for queries and any issues post install but so far have not been needed.
Very happy with with my solar solution from Surge Renewables.
Pleasant and knowledgeable Sales rep - very clear understanding of the system, Quick installation turnaround and neat tidy installation.

Would highly recommend
Great company to deal with. Took around 7 days from the consultation to having my solar panels fitted. Nothing was a problem for them and done a good clean tidy job. Price was also a deal clincher . I would recommend.
I spoke to Andrew from surge renewables about my options for a solar installation.
Surge were very knowledgeable and sent me out a proposal very quickly via email which I was extremely pleased with.
Installation was very quick as The team had a cancellation and my panels were up and working within a week of paying the deposit.
Even the normal turn around times were very fast!
The team installed everything in a day and explained the inverter and the app to me, everyone was very friendly and professional.
Would recommend surge to anyone looking for an easy and quick process for their PV installation.