How Many Solar Panels do you Need?

It’s one of the most common questions asked in our sector.

We regularly work with home owners, businesses and farmers from across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, and everyone will eventually ask the question “how many solar panels do you need?”

As you’ll be aware, every project is different and unique. Variables including the size of the building, overall energy use, weather, and the types of panels, will all have an impact on the number of panels required. 

However, we want to give you a very rough idea of what you might expect. 

How Many Solar Panels do you Need?

As we’ve said, each property or building is different so there isn’t one clear rule of thumb but for residential projects you can use the below as a basis for your thinking:

  • A classic “2 up 2 down” terrace house is likely to be able to accommodate anywhere between 4-8 panels over the split of both roofs.
  • A semi-detached home will most likely be able to accommodate between 12-14 panels over the split of both roofs due to the extra capacity. 
  • A detached house or bungalow is likely to be able to facilitate approximately 14 panels as well, but obviously detached homes of any kind can vary wildly in terms of size, shape and energy use.

How Many Solar Panels do you Need for a Business?

It becomes even more difficult to provide a basic rule of thumb for businesses, simply because there are additional variables at play.

The sector you operate in will have a major impact. Do you work in a high energy business or medium/low energy use business?

Likewise, the size of your commercial property will have a huge say in terms of the scale of the project. 

Higher Wattage Solar Panels

One key factor, regularly forgotten during the initial research into solar power, is the wattage of the solar panels.

Simply put, the higher the wattage of the solar panels, the more potential energy output there is, and you’re maximising the capacity allowed. As a result, you will require less solar panels overall, because those you have are maximising everything possible.  

Solar Panel Consultations with Surge Renewables

If you’re serious about installing solar panels within your home or business, the best thing to do is to book a consultation with our expert energy consultants team. 

We offer a variety of wattages in panels to give us the flexibility to allow all customers the chance to maximise the overall capacity they can have fitted. This allows them to generate more electricity and lower their spending on ever increasing electricity prices.

As we’ve said, every project is slightly different and that is why our solar panel packages are created bespoke to your property every time. 

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